Our Team

We take pride in delivering secure and performant financial applications, continually reimagining what's possible within Decentralized Finance.

  • Alexander Angel

    Alexander Angel

    Alex is the CEO of Primitive. He believes DeFi is the only credible alternative financial system that will exist and that the existence of this alternative is critical to the freedom of individuals.

  • Matt Czernik

    Matt Czernik

    Matt combines a collaborative spirit with exceptional ability to communicate complex ideas, making him an invaluable team player. His versatility across the tech stack enhances our team's efficiency, fostering innovation and streamlined problem-solving.

  • Colin Roberts

    Colin Roberts

    Mathematics Ph.D., with research experience in real-world electromagnetic applications and data assimilation, Colin specializes in DeFi mechanism design research and Rust systems engineering.

  • Zach Thielemann

    Zach Thielemann

    With experience in robotic process automation, web engineering, and Ethereum developer education, Zach oversees day-to-day operations focusing on compliance strategy and business development.

  • Clément Lakhal

    Clément Lakhal

    Expert in smart contract security and design, Clement leads the development and security of our EVM-facing architecture.

  • Waylon Jepsen

    Waylon Jepsen

    Specializing in DeFi mechanism design and managing complexity, Waylon ensures that the team is up to date with cutting-edge developments in the industry.