Powered by Portfolio.

Made for You

Designed from the bottom up for ETH holders, DeFi borrowers, and risk managers.

Leveraged Yield

Hold staked ETH principal tokens to maturity for increased leverage, or sell them for more yield tokens.

Fixed Yield

Convert yield-bearing assets into principal tokens to lock-in a fixed rate of return.

Customizable Pools

Tailor pools to specific assets, durations, and yield rates to match your risk tolerance and trading strategy.

Powered by Portfolio

A next-generation smart contract protocol optimized for safety.


  • Superior capital efficiency.

  • Autonomous or curated parameterization.

  • Optimized for yield-bearing, principal, and yield tokens.

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Our Team

Primitive Bits, Inc. is an American company that builds open-source technology including the Portfolio protocol and Arbiter EVM simulation framework.

  • Alexander Angel

    Alexander Angel

    Alex is the CEO of Primitive. He believes DeFi is the only credible alternative financial system that will exist and that the existence of this alternative is critical to the freedom of individuals.

  • Matt Czernik

    Matt Czernik

    Matt combines a collaborative spirit with exceptional ability to communicate complex ideas, making him an invaluable team player. His versatility across the tech stack enhances our team's efficiency, fostering innovation and streamlined problem-solving.

  • Zach Thielemann

    Zach Thielemann

    With experience in robotic process automation, web engineering, and Ethereum developer education, Zach oversees day-to-day operations focusing on compliance strategy and business development.

  • Clément Lakhal

    Clément Lakhal

    Expert in smart contract security and design, Clement leads the development and security of our EVM-facing architecture.