Portfolio Pre-release

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Alexander Angel
Alexander Angel

Risk Management for an On-Chain World

Today we are unveiling Primitive’s newest protocol called Portfolio.

Portfolio is designed to put capital to work towards an objective defined by algorithmic rules, giving users the ability to manage a portfolio of assets onchain without sacrificing custody or requiring active management.

The Portfolio smart contracts use novel, security-first, design patterns to make it as cheap as possible for users to manage portfolios with different objectives. As a result of our design choices we developed a rough implementation of EIP1153 Transient Storage. This design pattern enables users to take multiple actions on their portfolios within a single transaction. Rebalancing one, two, or ten positions can be done all at once, drastically simplifying both the design and experience of applications that connect users to Portfolio.

There is no crypto without open-source software, which is why we are open sourcing the code for Portfolio on Github leading up to our third and final audit with the amazing team at SpearbitDAO. Primitive is committed to building transparent products that can be verified by anyone that checks the chain.

Primitive’s mission is to build financial infrastructure and products for an onchain world, which means our focus is on the users and organizations that are underserved by existing products and services. With Portfolio, individuals and organizations can mitigate risk and achieve financial objectives without needing sophisticated financial skills or active management.

This pre-release is the first step towards a full product launch that will be carried out over the next few months. Stay tuned for the next releases!

[1]: Portfolio Source Code

[2]: FVM Yellow Paper