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Waylon Jepsen
Waylon Jepsen

What is Umbral?

Umbral is a consultancy that specializes in bridging the gap for emerging crypto and blockchain development teams, facilitating their transition from initial concepts to tangible, resilient products. Umbral offers a wide array of specialized services aimed at optimizing your blockchain project:

Economic Modeling: Designing mathematical representations to simulate economic systems.

Protocol Parameterization: Tuning protocol variables for optimal functionality.

Market Making: Creating liquidity and market depth for digital assets.

Protocol Design and Engineering: Crafting the architecture, code and infrastructure to ship a robust protocol.

EVM Infrastructure: Offering solutions for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) infrastructure development in Rust, such as keeper bots, and risk management backends.

The Umbral team is additionally available for hourly consulting sessions to assist your team in tackling intricate challenges beyond their primary area of expertise. Umbral’s comprehensive approach ensures that development teams are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of blockchain technology, fostering growth and success in a dynamic and zero-sum landscape.


Umbral will be using Primitive’s open source EVM logic simulator tool, Arbiter, to conduct holistic economic audits, protocol parametrization and smart contract simulation.

The Umbral team has contributed to the research and development of Arbiter and have a deep understanding of its design and are thus well equipped to leverage Arbiter fully using their expertise.

The Umbral Team chose to use Arbiter as its economic fuzzing and simulation toolbox of choice due to a multitude of reasons.

Arbiter's architecture focuses on user choice, which enables granular customization and configuration over EVM world-state. This provides a high degree of customization in the simulation process. In addition, by bypassing networking and using low-level language implementations of the EVM, Arbiter enables unparalleled speed and robust simulations, saving valuable time in the testing process.

Furthermore, the Arbiter team’s desire to work with community members to support the developer experience of the tool has been a driving factor to Umbral’s decision to utilize Arbiter.

Umbral uses game-theoretic first principles, deep engineering and mechanism design to deliver holistic solutions to hard problems and are thrilled to collaborate with Primitive.

If you would like to inquire about Umbral's services, or book a discovery call, please reach out.